Friday, 30 May 2014

Free Graze Box For Everyone!

Everyone knows about the Graze goody boxes, they are weekly (or bi-weekly, or even just one off treats) surprises to try and mix up your snacking ways by sending you a selection of tasty treats through your door. 

So I thought I would let you know about their current promotion where you can get a box for free- but as long as you're a new customer (i.e maybe use another email....?). This is a way to get a taste of what graze is about and you could always unsubscribe after your free one, so it is a real freebie!  

To claim it just click on either of the pictures in this post or the banner in the side bar.
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Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Little Dot Creations @ Spring Fling

Remember the feature I did a little while ago on the very talented Suzi at Little Dot Creations?  Well this weekend was the very special Spring Fling event, which you might have seen on my instagram

I love Spring Fling because for one weekend of the year almost 90 artists across Dumfries and Galloway.  You get to explore studios and see all the talent that we have to offer!  

Suzi was studio 80 and set up a little studio in some stables, where you could chat to Suzi while looking at all her different prints on lots of different products- everything from prints, notebooks, cushions and even phone cases! 

If you want to check out some of Little Dot Creations (very reasonably priced) art head over to her Facebook or her website.  So you don't miss any of the goodies we saw at Spring Fling.

On the Friday night we had a lovely night, with food, beer and wine!  

What did you do this weekend?


Monday, 26 May 2014

Black Milk Hex Leggings - Garden Editorial

What a colourful look I've got today!  

I told you I would get more colourful when summer came back, so I'm glad that the sun has came out!  

We took these photos at a wee park called Carnfunnock in Larne.  If you fancy a wander around some beautiful parks and gardens I would definitely recommend it, especially as it's so close to the sea so you can check out the garden and have a wander on the beach as well! 

I'm wearing: 
Jack Wills quilted jacket 
Ted Baker tee 
Black Milk Hex leggings 


And Matty got a bit imaginative with editing so here is another edit set: 

Oh look, black and white! 

And then just as we were leaving we also found this really cool high wall, so I stood next to that and I really like the photos- they look so editorial! 

Saturday, 24 May 2014

Home Made Afternoon Tea

Last week I was invited to a lovely home made afternoon tea by one of my best friends Sophie - who has just started a student food blog Chef To Impress.  She wanted to do a post about hosting your own afternoon tea, so we all went along to sample it.  

Doesn't the table look great?  

Fresh flowers always give a light and summery touch to a table!  

As we got tucked into our cava Sophie put the final touches to the table before we tucked in! 

We had a whole load of sandwiches to dig into: Smoked salmon and cream cheese (my favourite), ham and brie, cucumber and philadelphia and Sophie's own creation of peanut butter and nutella. 

Next up was the home made scones - which were amazing!  Not too big but enough for you to slap on plenty of raspberry jam and clotted cream!  

Sophie had also made us not one but three cakes to pick from!  A chocolate brownie, cinnamon role and a lemon drizzle cake.  

The lemon drizzle was the winner for me- sometimes cakes can be a bit too sweet for me so I love getting ones with a bit of a tart twist to it.  Both the cake and the icing was sweet but balanced with the lemon flavour.  

It was a lovely afternoon, with just as lovely girls and scrummy food!  Big thank you for Sophie for having us! 


Thursday, 22 May 2014

Black Milk Peacock Swim

I got to wear my Sharkie beanie finally!  I love it!  It's so comfy, and I like how it's Black Milk but not screaming BLACK MILK in your face all the time.  If you want to get it you can find it here.

With the weather still a bit undecided on what it's doing so a beanie is always handy, otherwise you will look all sad and cold like me here: 

This is what I wore to the Edinburgh College of Art Fashion Show, which you can see the full post here.  And I liked it so thought I would do a post about it - simples!  

I am wearing: 
Black Milk Peacock Swim - long discontinued I'm afraid 
Denim Skater skirt from New Look 
My chiffon kimono from Boohoo 
And some basics!  


Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Cocktails at The Vic, St Andrews

Some of you might not know this but I work with my local tourist board in my lovely student town St Andrews.  Working with VisitStAndrews means I get to explore St Andrews, do lots of fun things and then get to blog about them.  

The other week I got to go on a little cocktail tour of St Andrews with my friend Sophie, I wrote a whole post for VisitStAndrews but I don't think it is live yet.  But I thought I would split it up into a mini series for Liquid Grain.  It was a lovely night, so a big thank you for VisitStAndrews for organising it and The Vic for having me.  

The Vic is always a go - to location in St Andrews, it's always super busy!  So we got there pretty early to miss the crowd and have a chat with the manager Steven about all the recent changes to the menu.  Thank you very much for having us Steven and putting up with our many, many questions!  

The menu in The Vic has always had plenty to choose from but now we're spoilt for choice!  There was new gins to the already extensive gin list like The Botanist and Tanqueray No 10 which was voted the best clear spirit in the world for four years running.  

As well as more traditional cocktails to pick from there is everything from gin based cocktails that come with that come in a little teacup and saucer set to skinny cocktails if you are on a diet, or you can mix your own punchbowl for £13.50!  

We were given what Steven thought was the best four drinks on the menu to showcase the new menu changes and they certainly showed how varied the new menu is!  

First up was the Pineapple and Black Pepper Margarita

And yes, it was as good as it sounds and looks!  This was your traditional margarita but with a punch.  Although don't worry it wasn't too spicy as I really can't take anything too spicy!  I really liked the twist The Vic put on a classic cocktail.  

Then we had the Basil and Vanilla Berry Cocktail 

This is quite possibly the healthiest tasting cocktail I've ever had.  It just tastes like a smoothie, although you probably shouldn't drink it first thing in the morning as the healthy elements were balanced out with some vodka!

Next the Swizzle Spice which arrived in a very cute miniature milk bottle 

The milk bottles are designed to be the cocktail answer to a single spirit - mixer.  Something a little different but still around the same price range at £3.50.  This one was very different, having a bit of a Christmassy kick.  This definitely came from the Sailor Jerry Rum mixed with Amaretto but had a fruity edge with the lime and cranberry juice.  

We finished off with a gin variation- the Garden and Tonic

You can pick your choice of gin to go in any of the variations to add your own twist to it but I think we had Tanqueray.  I must admit I am not a gin fan... I just don't like a G&T, but even after I confessed this to Steven he assured me I would like it and he was right.  This is the first G&T I've ever liked, it tasted so summery!  Although it wasn't your classic G&T it had elderflower, mint, cucumber and lime in there as well.  It was absolutely lovely!  

Then we were on to the next stop, next in the series to come soon!  Thanks to Steven and The Vic!
The Vic: Facebook Twitter

Remember if you want to win a Black Milk voucher click here! 


Sunday, 18 May 2014

Summer Look and Walk

Back when the weather was nice Matty and I took Tess for a nice long walk in the sun.  It's so nice to get out on nice days like this so we also shot a summery look as well.  

I'm wearing a denim skater skirt and a printed tee from Ted Baker, as well as some trusty Hunters because the weather wasn't that nice!  

We walked over the hills and found an old rope swing, so the first lot of photos are from there. 

Then we wandered further over the fields and I tried to get Tess to listen to me- but she never does.  She's not a girls girl!  

Once we reached the river Tess jumped straight in, like always, and I had a little perch on the bridge.  

I love taking Tess for a walk and I'm counting down the days until graduation when I can get my own dog!  Being pet-less at uni is probably the hardest thing for me to deal with considering I grew up with a right menagerie! 

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