Black Milk Peacock Swim

I got to wear my Sharkie beanie finally!  I love it!  It's so comfy, and I like how it's Black Milk but not screaming BLACK MILK in your face all the time.  If you want to get it you can find it here.

With the weather still a bit undecided on what it's doing so a beanie is always handy, otherwise you will look all sad and cold like me here: 

This is what I wore to the Edinburgh College of Art Fashion Show, which you can see the full post here.  And I liked it so thought I would do a post about it - simples!  

I am wearing: 
Black Milk Peacock Swim - long discontinued I'm afraid 
Denim Skater skirt from New Look 
My chiffon kimono from Boohoo 
And some basics!  


  1. A 2012 discon, very oldschool, I like it. :) Keep up the style, I love how you wear your Black Milk!


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