Monday, 7 January 2013

Next 5 Things To Buy:


Apologies for the radio silence lately, currently doing some super intense training in Germany so I haven't got too much time on my hands.  

I'm lying in bed thinking of something to do- so naturally I am shopping.  So I decided to make a blog of my five next top wants to buy.  

I probably won't buy them all (poor student remember) but we can evaluate the financial situation at the end of the month:  

So here we go: 

First up we have a very cute mint belt.

This is from ASOS and is a complete bargain at £3.50. 
I absolutely love mint, believe me I have mint jeans.  So hit me up with all the mint you can get.  
You can find it here.  

Next I am feeling the need for some spiked loafers.  I love the UNIF Hellraisers but really can't justify the money for them so I think these ones from ebay make a good substitute.   

Not sure which colour yet, probably black but not sure whether suede or the fake leather ones.  
They're pretty cheap at £14.99. 
You can find them here.  

Also getting pretty tempted by Lovely Sally again.  So I think a wee haul is maybe needed.
 I LOVE the Pulsar 1919 skirt, it looks so subtle but it still a great design.  Plus everyone always needs more black in their wardrobe ;)  
It is 34 Euros and you can find it here.  

For the same price I think I might get another skirt while I am at it- the Matuli Skirt 
I have wanted this for ages but still haven't got it.  
The boy calls it the Harry Potter skirt, which I think is great because I'm a big book fan and love Harry Potter!  
You can get that here

Last one is the Silent Smoke leggings.  These bad boys are seen as classics in the LS world- even my Mum has them!  So I think it's about time I get a pair too. 
These are so great and there is some great styling of them on Lookbook and Lovely Sally's facebook page.  So you should check them out for styling ideas.
These are 45 Euros and you can find them here.  

So these are my current wants, I will have to have a check on the money situation then hopefully can get spending! 

Much love, going for a nap now!  


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