SK:N SPF30 Sunscreen Review


sk:n spf30 sunscreen review liquid grain

As I promised last week, I am being the spring-time suncream reminder fairy by sharing reviews of various suncreams I have tried. And today we are talking about the SK:N SPF30 Sunscreen - which you can buy here if interested.

I came across this sunscreen in a relatively roundabout way - as I actually got it as part of my laser hair removal package which I did through SK:N a couple of years ago. 

However, I have got on so well with the suncream I have re-bought it a few times over.  A good thing to note is that the website often has offers and deals on, so keep an eye for any discounts! 

I like this suncream, although it might not be for everyone's face.  I think it applies nicely and sits well under makeup.  Although it is more of a "traditional" suncream than other more skincare targeted ranges, such as the K-Beauty suncreams.  Therefore, it is a little heavier on the skin - but it doesn't clog up my skin or leave an unattractive white cast. 

I also use it all over my body - which is a preference for me, as I don't like to carry two bottles of sunscreen with me. 

Have you tried this sunscreen from SK:N?  What did you think?

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