Trinny London Match2Me Again! Comparisons and Thoughts

Trinny London Match2Me Again!  Comparisons and Thoughts
Just before Christmas I decided to take my Mum to a Trinny London make-up session.  I previously visited in the summer (you can read all about it here) and I really liked the minimal approach and through my Mum would like it! 

The session was mostly for my Mum so I just sat back, enjoyed the session and let Mum run the show! 

One thing I thought would be interesting would be to compare what the consultant matched to me to what I was matched to in the summer!

In the spirit of non-related photos, I've decided to pop in some photos of me and Tilly in this post as it's a pretty natural look and so is Trinny London

My Match2Me Profile Comparison
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Skin: Porcelain (same)
Hair: Brunette (same)
Eyes: Blue (same)

Skin Perfector/BFF Cream: Light (same)
Just a Touch foundation/concealer: Klara - this is the first difference!  This time around I was recommended Bambi which is more of a neutral undertone
BFF Eye serum corrector: Izzy (same)
Contour: Kate - this time we didn't use contour, instead going for a glowy look based around Jensta
Golden Glow Bronzer: Jensta (same)
The Right Light Highlighter: Starlight - we didn't use this at all this time!
Finisher: Face Finish - we also didn't use this! 

Lip2Cheek: Freddie - another change.  This time around we went for Veebee which I wasn't entirely sold on.  I swing between thinking the light pink is either youthful or ageing!  I still absolutely love Freddie though! 

Lip Glow: Lyla - again we didn't use this but for lips we used: 
Sheer Shimmer: Emily which I have really been enjoying on my lips and cheeks, although I wish it was more pigmented. 
Eye2Eye: Wisdom and Mystery - we went for a different look this time, instead going for Fortune 

Trinny London Match2Me Again!  Comparisons and Thoughts


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