One Tip For Pet Photography - Where to Focus

where to focus when doing pet photography dachshund liquid grain

As you know, recently I have jumped head first into pet photography.  This has resulted in many many pictures of our dogs (sorry, not sorry). 

But I have picked up a few tricks - mainly from a hella experimentation and instruction from Matty. 

For me, the most crucial part of pet photography has got to be where to focus.  Dogs' faces are so different from our own, and their snouts mean they have depth where we don't.  This gives us options about where is best to focus.  

But, even when you are shooting on a low aperture, I can share the perfect focus point with you.  This works every time - believe me - focus on the eyes! 

Then in post, if you want to really push it you can focus on sharpening the eyes just a tad.  It will really make things pop!