Faroe Islands Itinerary - 7 Days

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As you probably saw on Instagram, recently we were in the Faroe Islands for a much needed holiday!  

I've been getting a few questions about what we actually did while we were out there, and we all know it'll probably take me a while to put the videos together.  So in the mean time I thought I would share a brief overview of what we did in our fairly outdoorsy trip.

Friday - Arrival, Múlafossur 
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We landed on the one airport on the Faroe Islands in the afternoon, from a direct flight from Edinburgh (P.S. the airport is nice, new and flowed well to get us through quickly).  

We picked up our hire car (review of Unicar coming soon) and then went on to our first spot - the Múlafossur waterfall in the village of Gásadalur.  It's about twenty minutes from the airport, driving through a tunnel which connects Gásadalur and Bøur.  

There are free parking spots in the village, so park there (some people also seem to park directly at the top of the path but don't do that... there's spaces literally five minutes away).  Then we walked to the well signposted waterfall and took a whole bunch of photos. 

The best thing about this waterfall is that it changes with the weather - I would love to see it in wild weather!  With crashing waves and the waterfall blowing in the wind! 

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Afterwards we stopped in Bøur, a very quaint village, before going to our Air BnB in the old town on Tórshavn. 

Saturday - Tórshavn 
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We spent our Saturday chilling out and exploring around Tórshavn - the world's smallest capital city! 

Sunday - Drangarnir Sea Stacks
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On Sunday we headed back to the island of Vágar to go on our first big hike of the trip - to the Drangarnir sea stacks!

The rules around the sea stacks hike recently changed and you now have to go on a guided (and quite expensive) hike.  We were initially a bit iffy about this, but having now done the hike - a guide is definitely needed from a safety point of view! 

This was a full day hike - it took us about three hours to get out there, then we had about two and a half hours of taking photos at the stacks before getting on a boat back to the start. 

Monday - Mykines
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On Monday we went back to the airport and got the helicopter to the remote island of Mykines.  I had never been on a helicopter before, so I loved this fifteen minute trip which also included a little tour around the islands! 

After we disembarked from the helicopter we explored the wee village before going on the hike to the lighthouse on the island - where we saw lots of sheep, puffins and other sea birds! 

We then got the ferry back to Sørvági and drove to our second (and favourite AirBnB) in Syðrugøta. 

Tuesday - Eysturoy, Streymoy (and an engagement)
Tjørnuvík tjornuvik faroe islands eysturoy liquid grain liquidgrain

On Tuesday we explored the larger islands of the Faroe Islands, Eysturoy and Streymoy.  We started by doing a steep but reasonably short hike to view the fjords over Funningur - however, we were in deep cloud cover the whole time and it wouldn't clear despite waiting for an hour at the top! 

From there we went to Gjogv (cute but cloudy still) and a few other villages, stopping when we wanted to.  Then we went to Fossurin í Fossá, supposedly the biggest waterfall in the Faroe Islands, but slightly lacking due to the lack of rain we had due to the good weather we had! 

We worked up the coast and finally to the black sands at the beach at Tjørnuvík (where we also got engaged, so it's a special place for us).  Then (at about 8pm at night by now) we went to Saksun, one of the oldest settlements in the Faroe Islands.

Wednesday - Kalsoy and Kallur Lighthouse 
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Another big hike we did was to Kallur Lighthouse on the island of Kalsoy which we got to via ferry (it's a pretty competitive ferry to get on so be early).  This was quite a long and very windy hike to the lighthouse.  When we got to the lighthouse we took a few photos but to get the "iconic" photo we would have had to walk on a pretty dodgy path.  So we took the executive decision not to go there! 

Thursday - Slave Cliff
slave cliff lake over the ocean faroe islands liquidgrain liquid grain

On Thursday we made our way back to Vágar, with a quick stop in Tórshavn for food and looking around a few shops.  Then we we did our last hike to the Slave Cliffs and to the Lake over the Ocean. 

This is another hike you have to pay for but it is a pretty well maintained path, especially when compared to the rest of the hikes on the island!  This was the windiest I've ever walked in - pretty intense but worth the views! 

Friday - home 
Then on Friday we did a quick stop back at Múlafossur for a few more photos before jumping on a plane home! 

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