Blue Eggs

How do you like them?

Chasing Waterfalls, Brecon Beacons

I didn't know that the Brecon Beacons is a national park for waterfalls, so when we drove through the "Welcome To..." signs I got pretty excited. 

Although only there for a couple of days we did plenty of walks and saw a lot of falls!

Some of the walks were better than others - the Four…

Photo Stitching Glen Coe

Check out this stitched pano at the iconic white house in Glen Coe - it looks pretty good, huh? 

See that wee bridge?  When we were taking the photos of me walking over it (here) I was trying my best to look calm but I was half-convinced it would fall out from underneath and I would land in the stre…

Cocker Spaniel in the Woods

Isn't she a beauty?  Golden hour with the dogs is always a winner, what do you think? 

Glen Coe Photo Diary - Instagram Spots

I know this photo diary is terribly un-topical, given the fact that we were in Glencoe in February. 

But you've got to give me some slack - I'm a busy bee, with work (and two new job roles since then), my university degree (three years done, only two more to go) and general life stuff. 

But t…

Deer Spotting at Kings House Hotel, Glencoe

The deer at Kings House Hotel in Glencoe are well known for a reason - they are stunning and semi-tame, primed for a photo shoot! 

When we were in Glencoe in February we stopped for lunch at the newly refurbed Kings House Hotel (quite disappointing if I'm honest, but this is a post about the dee…

West Sands Beach, St Andrews

St Andrews is a town of many beaches, but West Sands is probably the most famous due to that Chariots of Fire running scene. 

It's always a winner to visit, whatever the time of year, day or weather.  Although if I had to pick a favourite time it would be golden hour - any time of the year.

Head …