Hot Sands Dreaming

morocco liquid grain liquidgrain berber sahara dunes blue tunic
I recently found this picture from our 2017 trip to Morocco and I really love it - the movement and contrast of the colours. 

Visiting the most Southerly Point in Scotland

I bet you didn't realise the most Southerly point in Scotland was a lighthouse in rural Dumfries and Galloway?!

Northern Ireland Vlog

I know I'm ridiculously late again, however I've put quite a wholesome Northern Ireland vlog together!  It mostly consists of the dogs being cuties!

Mourne Seafood Bar - Dundrum Review

mourne seafood bar dundrum review liquid grain lobster oysters
If you have been to dinner with me in real life and there was seafood on the dinner, I will have probably chosen it.  

Ramore, Portrush - Harbour Bistro Review

ramore portrush harbour bistro review desert liquid grain
If you've been to Portrush in Northern Ireland you'll have probably seen Ramore - and maybe even ate at one of the different restaurants there. 

Northern Ireland Photo Diary

northern ireland titanic quarter hotel belfast liquidgrain liquid grain
A couple of snaps from our trip to Northern Ireland in Autumn

Oxford Wanders

oxford john radcliffe camera architecture bridge of sighs liquid grain
A few snaps from recent wanders around Oxford....

Snowy Dog Walk

snow dog walk patagonia cocker spaniel dachshund equafleece
Remember when we had a very small smattering of snow?  These are from then

Leafy Dog Walk

leafy dog walk patagonia jacket dachshund liquidgrain liquid grain
You might have noticed on Instagram that I've recently been focused on a lot of coursework for my MLitt, hence the radio silence here.