The Books Trump Should Read in 2019

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Happy New Year!  I hope everyone has a lovely 2019 - and to start the year off I thought I would share a trilogy of young adult books which I think Trump should read in 2019. 

This was inspired by this article which features the crazy books that Trump endorsed this year.  

I think this list really shows the POTUS needs to widen his reading list and this is actually a fantastic YA trilogy with a lot of thinking points.  So I thought I would combine two of my favourite interests in the book - books (particularly YA) and politics. 

Reasons Why Trump Should Read Julie Bertagna 

1 - The plot is actually good 
Written by Bertagna, the plot of the trilogy is actually really engaging.  It's set in the near/imminent future where the world is drowning, including a wee island off the coast of Scotland.  The main character and her friends and family embark on an adventure to try and save themselves in the futuristic city in the sky.  

Although the books are YA, they are not "typical" YA/Hunger Games-esque books.

2 - Climate change is a thing and the consequences are real 
We might only just be beginning to see the consequences of climate change but this book does a really good job of making the potential consequences seem real by building a strong, character driven story around them.

The point of climate changes comes across well and thoughtfully in the books - it isn't thrust down your throats but it is the context of the adventure and romance in the books. 

3 - The books are YA and therefore not too challenging 
This applies to everyone, not just Trump.  

The trilogy is very accessible to everyone, I read the first book when I was in my early teens and finished the trilogy this year and enjoyed both instances of readings. 

Although the books are YA, important themes are tackled - including health crises, migrant issues, refugee rights.  There are also subtle mentions to death/violence and rape but it's not explicit or graphic.  All of the themes which are discussed are done very thoughtfully at a thematic level - rather than overtly promoting an agenda, which is why I personally see this fitting perfectly within the YA label.

4 - The theme of a refugee crisis 
Although the first book was published in 2002, the theme of migrant and refugee crises has never been more topical (particularly if you are Trump).   

The trilogy talks about these crises and discusses the human rights issues surrounding them very effectively and accessibly for Western readers for one key reason - it shows refugees as white British people.  How these refugees are de-humanised is particularly important and really well done in this book. 

5 - It's not American centric
Granted this is more specifically aimed at Trump - I just think it would be good for him to read books which aren't American centric while he's busy making America great again.  Although I recognise it's still a Western book and therefore written from a place of Euro-privilege.  

However I do also think it's good from a cultural point of view for Scottish people to read things by local authors and set in familiar environments in an increasingly globalised world (whilst recognising the importance of reading different perspectives, such as this).

6 - There is a kick-ass female protagonist 
In a non-Katniss way...

Mara (the main lass) is shown as a leader, rather than a victim, as an innovator and charismatic.  Ultimately Mara is given the same treatment that is usually given to male heroes and I love it. 

Bertagna as written Mara incredibly well - she's not written as a "feminist icon" which could potentially alienate a teenage male audience.  Instead she's just written so well that she is inherently a feminist icon, both men and women should be able to relate to Mara for being kick-ass in general!

There are important women's issued discussed thoughtfully - such as date rape, men's expectations of women and a bit about women's health (especially in the third book in the context of a refugee crisis).   

Have you read this trilogy?  If so, what did you think?

If you would like to read the trilogy you can buy the first one here.

*** Obviously this is tongue in cheek, everyone is entitled to their own political opinions and these are reasons why EVERYONE should read this trilogy, not just Trump ***