ETERNL Hair Growth Shampoo and Serum Review

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I am pretty much the worst blogger in the world - I've had the Eternl Hair Growth Shampoo and Serum for ages!

Eternl sent it to me but before I used it I wanted to take photos - which took me about 25 years. 

But I finally shot it and then got started testing it - I'm currently about one third of the way through it so I thought I would share my thoughts on it.  

First up - has it made my hair grow quicker/thicker?
Honestly, I can't tell tell if this is making any difference.  My hair is reasonably quick growing in the first place but this hasn't really sped up the process as far as I know. 

I actually asked Matty if he noticed my hair growing and he replied, "Did you know that the Google Pixel 3 has wireless charging?".  So that was his insight on the whole situation. 

Secondly (and more realistically) - is this a good shampoo? 

Actually yes it is a good shampoo - it's reasonably gentle on my scalp and it makes my hair nice and soft.  I do really like it!

However, it's worth noting that it is quite expensive (£40 here) and although it is good, I'm not entirely sure that it is worth the money.... 

Have you tried this shampoo?  What do you think of it?