Space Masks Review

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I'm officially the worst blogger in the world - I was sent a Space Mask to review ages ago but I'm only just doing it now!   

So here's the story - 
I was very generously sent a mask in the middle of a heatwave and because the Space Mask has very relaxing heating properties I didn't want to use it because it would make my face too hot!  
Then I was a away for work and on holiday 
I came back, took photos and used the mask (really enjoyed it but more on that later)
I then lost my photos on the SD card 
And I've only now just got around to re-purchasing and taking more photos

I know, what a drama!  

But I guess that shows you I did like the Space Mask! 
Space Mask is really relaxing, "treat me" experience.  When you open the foil wrapper you immediately smell the relaxing jasmine.  Make sure to pop it on straight away because it will start to heat up.

It's nice that the mask hooks on over the ears rather than around the back of the head, which means it doesn't feel too tight.  

The heat on my eyes and forehead was one I didn't expect to enjoy - I always complain when my face gets too hot.  But I actually really liked it!  The heat was super relaxing and a really different sensation from my usual every day cooling sheet mask.  

It was also nice because it forced me to shut my eyes and actually relax for half an hour (15 mins prescribed by Space Mask and 15 minutes extra for me).  

Have you tried Space Masks?  What did you think?