Top Tips For Rainy Day Photography

I know we have had a few days of good weather - knock on wood that I haven't jinxed the sun by writing this article - but today I thought I would share some of my tips for shooting when it's wet outside.  

I'm no professional photographer but I've been doing my best on this blog for a good while now and I'm Scottish, which means if we don't want to shoot in the rain then we would have to shoot everything photos on the two sunny, dry days we get!

My first tip is GOOD KIT, I'm not only talking about the camera (which you want to have reasonable manual control over) but also clothing!  As a blogger you might be wearing unsuitable clothing but make sure the photographer is wrapped up and waterproof - especially if the photos will be shot from a low angle.  Also, BRING A MICROFIBRE CLOTH to keep the lens nice and dry.

Next, SHELTER THE MODEL, you can find shelter in all sorts of places - whether it is by a hedge, under some trees or around the corner of a building.  Use your head to shelter the model and the appropriately dressed photographer can brave the elements!

But also remember to TAKE ADVANTAGE OF MOODY CLOUDS, they will come up well when editing to give photos a nice background.  Don't be put off by rain, a steady light rain is far better than inconsistent wind!

Now when setting up, CHEAT YOUR TEST SHOTS.  The model doesn't need to be full glam to shoot some test shots- so pack a coat with a hood which can be discarded right before the shoot begins.

For the best outfit shots, SHOOT 3/4.  By shooting the top three quarters of the model the photographer will probably get the most flattering shots and the model can also wear sensible shoes. 

Do you have any tips for shooting blog photos in the rain?  Leave them down below!