Silent Sunday

Silent Sunday

Silent Sunday

Beach OOTD

beach ootd black milk clothing purple galaxy leggings lookbook outfit st andrews scotland liquid grain liquidgrain

Every September for the past four out of five years I've moved up to St Andrews to go to university, but not this year!  Instead I've graduated and I'm out in the big bad world!  So to celebrate I thought I would post this pretty casual outfit I wore when we were on the famous West Sands beach in St Andrews during Graduation Week!

Polphail - Scotland's Graffiti Ghost Village 2016

polphail scotland graffiti ghost village town liquid grain liquidgrain

Pollphail was built in the 1970s for oil workers who never moved in.  Everything was kitted out, even with kitchens and washing machines!  But everything has fell into disrepair and graffiti artists have moved in with a vengeance!

Silent Sunday

Black Milk Clothing Inside Out Dress - Golden Hour Photo Shoot

black milk clothing inside out dress golden hour liquidgrain liquid grain

Golden Hour is the perfect time to shoot, always!  The light is so soft and flattering, in fact this light was so good we didn't only take photos of me but also of Hetty- which you might have caught the photos from the other day (here if you missed them). 

3 Dachshund Personality Traits + Harvest Photo Shoot

As you know seasonal pet photo shoots are a thing in this household #noshame #noregrets But today this lovely photo shoot of Hetty in a crop field is also combined with my top three dachshund personality traits!