My Most Popular Posts of 2015

Hello!  I hope everyone had a good Christmas with lots of smiles and happiness with family!  I can't believe it's almost 2016, that's so crazy and I'm feeling old!  

Last year I rounded up the year by looking at my most popular posts (here), it's always quite interesting and I like looking at other people's analytics so here we go!

5 - 10 Not So Awesome Things About Living In France
Living in France was awesome, however there was a few aspects which weren't so great at all! 
4 - M&S Coat Haul 
Nice and wintery OOTD- I really must take this coat out again and shoot it!  
3 - How To Make Blog Photos Bigger On Blogger
A pretty simple how-to post!
2 - Braun Silk-Epil SkinSpa 909 Review
This is one of my more useful posts, with my most popular posts being useful ones this should tell me to make my posts more useful and informative to get views!

1 - Tips For Black Milk Sizing

Now topping the list is my tips for Black Milk Clothing sizing, which I actually wrote in 2014 but is still nice and popular. 


  1. I too can not believe the year is almost over, it's nice to round up posts and see what readers have been loving. Lovely list.

    1. Thanks Miranda, it's always interesting from a blogger's point of view too!

  2. What a fab idea for looking back on the year, the blue coat looks amazing on you. No wonder it's one of your popular posts

    1. Thanks Leighanne, it's my "posh coat" and I love it!


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