Old 35mm Film Roll Developed

As some of you might have seen on Periscope (@liquidgrain by the way!) the other day I had a mini dissertation crisis.  I had a moment where I didn't know my direction, then came to a direction and subsequently realised that 95% of my research is now obsolete.  So in all the busy-ness I am afraid you are getting a bit of a cop out blog post today!
The other day I found an old roll of 35mm film that hadn't been developed yet so I got it developed and here are the results!  

Turns out that this was a very old film that Matty shot over the period of about a year, starting from when we were in Venice! 

Hope you like the photos, do you shoot on film?  What do you love about it? 


  1. These pictures are BEAUTIFUL! I love them

  2. How lovely to recapture some old memories. Something has gotten lost in the transition to the digital age - that element of surprise and delight you get when you've had to wait an age to finsih your role of 35mm and have the darned thing developed. Lovely post. Tx

  3. Wow that is such cool pictures, love the effect xx



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