Hetty The Dachshund Puppy's Autumn Photo Shoot

hetty dachshund puppy autumn liquid grain liquidgrain blog
 Ladies and gentlemen, please let me introduce you to Hetty the dachshund puppy and her debut Autumn Photo Shoot / Lookbook!

How To Use Bioderma Micellar Water

how to use bioderma micellar water liquid grain liquidgrain
Bioderma and other micellar waters are having a bit of a beauty moment, and as you might  have seen in my two French Pharmacie Hauls (one is here, the other is here!) I am really enjoying using Bioderma to remove my make up!  

BUT when I first got it I didn't really know how to use it, now I have my routine down and thought I would share it with you! 

Radio Silence - Final Year University Woes - Vlogtober

radio silence liquid grain liquidgrain vlogtober

Right, well this has been a little bit odd for me... as you might have noticed (or not) I recently took a little break from posting on here on Liquid Grain.  

Silent Sunday

Old 35mm Film Roll Developed

As some of you might have seen on Periscope (@liquidgrain by the way!) the other day I had a mini dissertation crisis.  I had a moment where I didn't know my direction, then came to a direction and subsequently realised that 95% of my research is now obsolete.  So in all the busy-ness I am afraid you are getting a bit of a cop out blog post today!

Beauty Tips To Tackle Autumn

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Wow, can you believe that it is October already?  It is officially October and that means we are well on our way into Autumn- brrrr.  That means we need Autumn specific beauty tips and tricks!

Silent Sunday

The Night Market, St Andrews


For the second year in a row The Night Market has taken St Andrews by storm!  

Guest Posting As A Way Of Boosting Your Blog

Let's take a minute to talk about one method of boosting both traffic to and exposure of your blog on a different platform!