A Blogger and Vlogger's Review of the Canon G7X Powershot

As you probably will have gathered I am by no means a professional photographer, I really appreciate the skills pro's have and love looking at beautiful photos.  Sure I dapple with 35mm film photography (which you get subjected to with my Silent Sunday series), but I try my best.  

I bought the Canon PowerShot G7X at the start of the summer and after a few months of using it I have put together a little review of it for you- as I'm not a pro this is just my impression of it as a Blogger and a beginner Vlogger (I have just started venturing into YouTube).   
So I sat down and filmed a little video for you where I put my thoughts together, find it below and let me know if you agree or disagree with me!

I really like the camera but it's probably not for everyone.  For my needs it is perfect!  
My needs: 

  • Small and compact
  • HD video capability 
  • Flip up screen 
  • Touch screen (for touch focus)
  • Good quality photos 
  • Low aperture
So if you have similar needs than this might be the camera for you!  

If you have any specific questions about the camera get in touch and I will do my best!


  1. Great review, I was in the same position when looking for a camera. I went for something similar the Samsung nx3000 which has the flip out screen but also has changeable lenses, I use this for outfit photos as it has similar capabilities to a dslr but none of the bulkiness or price tag! I've now subscribed to your channel, can't wait to see more vids! Love your hair by the way, the pool/chlorine look suits you! ;-)

    1. Thank yo so much Georgia! Picking cameras can be a nightmare!


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