What To Take To University | 2015

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If you have been reading Liquid Grain for a while you will know that I am a student up in the beautiful town of St Andrews.  I did my first three years, and then ran away to France to do a placement year.  Now, come September I will have my last year to complete.  

As I'm kinda an old hand at this university thing I thought I would share with you what I think you should take to university! 
School Stuff
My top tip for all things stationery is don't overpack.  It's really easy to bring a million notebooks and folders and then find out that you will be using your laptop all the time!

  • If you want to invest in any Apple product remember that there is a really good student discount!
  • Jack Wills do some really nice stationery (here), so does Urban Outfitters I really like this notebook because it comes with a handy pencil and if you need a cute set of pencils then these are pretty! 
  • diary or journal is pretty essential in my book.  There are loads of pretty ones here.

Your accommodation might have some things supplied but it's always good to take a spare set of everything with you (they might not be the nicest or cleanest). 
  • Plates and cutlery - there is a great selection here.
  • Underbed boxes - these are the handiest invention ever when you don't have a lot of space.
  • Other boxes - you might not have a lot of storage so boxes will stop your place looking cluttered.  I like this pen holder and this metal cage thing.  H&M also have a tonne of great homewares which are really reasonable.
  • An oven tray - and don't let anyone use it!


  • A surprising amount of fancy dress items - although you won't know the themes of all your fancy dress nights it's good to have a couple of outfits up your sleeve.  You will probably need a sports outfit, pub golf silly items and your old school uniform. 
  • Netflix - Netflix is a fun [and legal] way to keep up to date with your tv and it means you don't need a tv licence (in the UK). 
  • Speakers - If you are listening to tv on your laptop or getting ready for going out then wireless speakers are a great idea. 
  • Hip flask - for reasons... ASOS has a surprisingly good collection of them (here).
The Unexpected
  • Toilet roll - it may seem obvious but don't forget!
  • Kitchen foil, cling film
  • Tea towel - and don't leave it hanging in the kitchen, put it in a drawer to stop other people using them for yucky things like drying their hands.  In honour of Hetty the puppy I've picked this dachshund themed tea towel which is only £6.  In general, Marks and Spencers make some really nice and effective tea towels (unlike H&M which make pretty but useless ones). 
  • Shampoo and conditioner is surprisingly expensive so if you can convince your parents to stock up on them for you then do so!
  • A laundry bag - definitely needed if you are going to lug your dirty washing down stairs and to the laundry room!  I like this minimalistic striped one (here) but if you want something a little more colourful try this pink one or this amazing print
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  1. Brilliant post for people starting uni, you seen very organised. Many students will thank you for this

  2. Wow it makes me wish I was attending university, such useful tips. Great post k x

    1. Thank you! 5 years down I've picked a little up!


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