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Ooh, bit of an arty photo shoot today, aren't I fancy in black and white?  

Sit back and let me tell you about how we got these shots!

If you watched my July vlog on YouTube (here if you missed it) you'll know that Matty and I popped up to St Andrews for a day out.  When we were there we shot a couple of looks, including this one on Castle Sands beach. 

We have been trying to get a shot like this on Castle Sands for ages!  However every time we went to try and do it the tide was always out or there was a big crowd on the beach.  But this time we were in luck, we were the only people on the beach and the tide was in AND calm. 

Because of the nice calm sea the reflections were amazing and clear!  So I jumped out on the stretch of concrete that juts into the sea and got a little posey.  

I'm really happy with how the photos look, and I think the black and white makes it a bit more interesting.  What do you think?

If you are in St Andrews, make sure you head down to Castle Sands.  It is the smallest and least well known beach in St Andrews but it is a good one!  
liquidgrain liquid grain blog st andrews
liquidgrain liquid grain blog st andrews


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