How To Comment On Blogger With Blog Link

how to comment on blogger with blog links embed blog links in blogger
This is a little quick post today on how to leave a comment on Blogger and embed your blog link as a real link and not just text. 

If you are a blogger you will probably spend way too much time reading other blogs (I know I do), one way to interact with other bloggers is to leave comments on their blog posts.  

On most commenting systems your blog link gets automatically posted as a link, but not on Blogger blogs!  So this is why you need to learn a little bit of code to copy and paste into your comment. 

<a href="">Liquid Grain</a> 

Just replace my blog address with yours, don't forget to include the http.  Also replace Liquid Grain with the text you want to display!  

Top tip- copy and paste this code into a blog post and save it as a draft and it will always be on hand when you need it!

I hope this has been helpful for you.  Now give it a go and leave your blog link down below!


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