Massive French Pharmacie Haul

If you subscribe to me on YouTube you might remember the last time I did a haul from my local French Pharmacie - if you missed it you can check it out here.

Well before I left France for good I thought I should do a massive French Pharmacie haul and here is the damage- be warned I got a lot!
French beauty products are world renowned for a reason, they are very well formulated and are designed to target very specific things or skin types- which can really make the difference to your skin.  This is particularly useful if you have problem skin like me- like I said being a 20 Something With Acne Sucks

Therefore most of the products in this haul are aimed towards my skin type- which is young, suffering from hormonal acne and noticing fine lines for the first time.  Wow that was depressing to write all my flaws down in one sentence...

I also filmed a YouTube  video of this haul but I'm not so happy with it- the lighting was ridiculously unattractive and I didn't realise until I came to edit it.  But anyhoo I've put it up! 

I was still in Northern Ireland when I filmed this so I had to improvise on my location and I learned my lesson not to use this one!   

Have you tried any of these products before?  Let me know down below!