Kuwait Itinerary

As promised in my last Kuwait blog (What To Do In Kuwait | Top 5 Things To Do In Kuwait), here is the detailed break down of our Kuwait Itinerary: *scroll down for a video version of this*
Before I get into it, a few more general things include- the [lovely] house where I was staying had a gorgeous pool where we swam in, every morning- amazing!  

The great thing about Kuwait is that it is like a Little America, there are soooo many American restaurants.  So you'll notice there's a lot of American eateries on the list! 

Our days were a mix of planned and unplanned.  Luckily, because my friend's family lives in Kuwait I had a local's perspective of the beautiful city!  

Be warned this is a long post: 
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Marina Mall 
Salhia Complex 
Fauchon Cafe 
Sheraton English Tea Lounge - a really special afternoon tea experience!  
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Fahaheel, al Kout 
Fahaheel Bazaar 
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Kuwait Towers - very iconic of Kuwait, you must visit! 
Beach and Sea
Old Buildings (including Kuwait Parliament)
Caspar and Gambinis - the best iced tea experience!
Roast chicken and Pitta - typical Kuwaiti food 
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Kuwait Scientific Centre 
Souk Al-Kabeer (and food) - amaaaazing food!  The best hummus ever.
Gold Souk - So. Much. Bling
Women's Souk
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Bait Al-Othman - the best museum in Kuwait!
Shisha Bar - you have to try it at least once! 
The Avenues - the biggest mall in Kuwait, the perfect place for people watching.
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Desert - you have to check it out once.
Friday Market - the best market in town.
Iranian Souk - the most beautiful painted furniture ever! 

So there we have it, that was my week in Kuwait!  I also filmed a little video on Youtube  with my itinerary, which I hope helps. 

Have you visited Kuwait?  What was your favourite thing to do?