Barbour Rewaxing Review

barbour rewaxing review liquid grain liquidgrain
As you guys know I do love my Barbour waxed jacket- as a country lass it was a staple for me and everyone in my family!

The thing with waxed jackets is that they are an investment but they are so worth it - especially Barbour ones.  
Waxed jackets are perfect for outdoor life - they are heavy duty, well wearing and completely waterproof!  Barbour also cuts them so they are nice and flattering as well.  

One of the things that make Barbours such good investments is that they last forever, and this is partly because they are really well made but also because you can get regular repairs and upkeep to keep you Barbour in shape.  The most common repair you will need to do is rewaxing your jacket. 

I got my jacket rewaxed last year by Barbour so I thought I would publish a review of the Barbour rewaxing service since this is the time of year for getting it done!

barbour rewaxing review liquid grain liquidgrain

Before I get into the review, what actually is Barbour rewaxing? 

Well if you have had your waxed jacket for a few years you might notice that the colour becomes a little uneven and faded and a loss of waterproofing.  So when it rains and you take off your jacket your shoulders or arms might be wet.  When this happens it's time to get your jacket rewaxed! 

You have 2 options with rewaxing, to do it yourself or to send it to Barbour for them to do it for you.  

barbour rewaxing review liquid grain liquidgrain

I chose to send it to Barbour because the price difference (£15 for a tin of wax or £27.50 to send it away) isn't that much and I know that they would do a better job of it than I could do it. 

So I printed off the form from the Barbour website, filled it in then sent it off.  So that part was really easy!  

When I got it back I was really impressed with the rewaxing - it felt like a brand new jacket!  Seriously, it was perfect!  So no complaints there!

My only complaint is that it took a long like - over two months, which is a long time to be without a jacket.  But this is also why you should get it done in Spring / Summer.  

I was also a little concerned about the lack of communication - I got an email when Barbour received my jacket but then nothing.  Not even to tell me when they were posting it back to me which is a little meh.  But I get that Barbour is an old school, family run business so it doesn't really bother me, but I thought you should know! 

barbour rewaxing review liquid grain liquidgrain

Overall the rewaxing service Barbour offers is really great at what they do and it's affordable.  When I sent it off I also got my sleeves lengthened which also turned out really well, so if you need adjustments, repairs or rewaxing to your Barbour you should send it back to the experts.  It's so worth it! 

Do you own a Barbour?  What do you think? 

N.B This isn't a sponsored post, I just wanted to share my experience.