How To Post An Instagram Photo On Twitter Not As A Link

It's Top Tips time!  You might remember recently I wrote about the social media strategy I used on Liquid Grain.  If you missed it you can check it out here.  

As part of that post I mentioned how to post an Instagram photo on Twitter not as a link. 

Current Lust List

I haven't updated you guys on my current wants from my favourite shops in a while, so I thought I would give you an update. 

Silent Sunday

Barbour Rewaxing Review

barbour rewaxing review liquid grain liquidgrain
As you guys know I do love my Barbour waxed jacket- as a country lass it was a staple for me and everyone in my family!

The thing with waxed jackets is that they are an investment but they are so worth it - especially Barbour ones.  

Expat Life | Interning In France

expat life interning in france living in france liquidgrain liquid grain
As you know I’m nearing the end of my time here in France so I thought I should take the time to look back at expat life in general.

My Sport - Target Rifle Shooting

I know I've mentioned my sport of target rifle shooting and being an international athlete a couple of times before on here.  However I've never really sat down and really filled you in.  

Silent Sunday

Social Media Strategy on Liquid Grain

blog social media strategy liquidgrain liquid grain

Social media, we all do it.  Bloggers, we especially do it! 

French Flea Market | Lyon Les Puces du Canal

french flea market lyon flea market les puces du canal liquidgrain liquid grain

I know!  Another Lyon travel post, aren't I so boring and predictable? 

Well this is an exciting post about exciting day trip we took to a flea market (Les Puces du Canal) in Lyon- the biggest one in the Rhone-Alpes region actually!

Winter Walk

I know it's spring now, so I am officially declaring this my last look of winter! 

Silent Sunday

New Blog Design!

Look who has a fancy new blog design- this girl! 

Kuwait Instagrams

kuwait instagram liquidgrain liquid grain

As you might have gathered from my social media recently (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook) I ran away to Kuwait for my spring break!  

All Black In The Park

Little lookbook post today, yes I know it's kind of a boring outfit, but I like it!  

Silent Sunday

Exploring Lyon

lyon vieux lyon old lyon liquidgrain liquid grain
As it gets closer to when I'm leaving Lyon (early June, sob) I'm finding it really important that I get out to explore and enjoy my home city for the past year.