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It's Mothers Day on Sunday (that is if you are British like me), I hope everyone has a lovely day with that special person in their life- whether it's a mum or not!  

I thought I would put together a little Mothers Day themed post in collaboration with Parkdean which is running a competition for Mothers Day, where you can win a short trip for your Mum.  If you want to read more about it and enter the competition then click here.

I firstly wanted to chat about how my Mum is a Mum in a Million: 

I love my Mum, she's always there for me and she's just the best!  

Everyone has a million reasons why their mum rocks so I'm not going to go on about them all just one thing- and that is my mum is a badass!

My mum is super brave and she will try everything once!  Seriously, she's like an extreme mumma. 

To demonstrate this let me tell you about her hobbies she does after work:
Monday- rifle shooting
Tuesday - rest night
Wednesday - scuba diving 
Thursday - swimming
Friday - archery
Saturday - working with wild birds
Sunday - scuba diving trips

What a bad ass, that's a serious amount of things! 

To explain the picture at the top, it's a picture of me from a colour run my brother, my mum and I did last summer!  That's right we also did a colour run!  (I didn't want to show a picture of us together for privacy reasons)

Let me know why your mum is awesome down below! Have a lovely weekend!

Now for a few gift suggestions: 


  1. my mother would just want me to clean the whole house and that's it ahha

    1. Hahah I think my mum would be the same but we're not in the same country so not this year! :P


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