All Things Fringe

I am loving the 70s vibe that seems to be coming around for Spring, what about you guys?

Although I think some of the 1970s elements are best left back there with the goldfish in the platform shoes (that was the 70s right?) there are some parts I am glad to see back, and it's mainly fringe! 

I love me some fringing, if it was up to me I would walk around like a YMCA extra and check out cowboys at rodeos all day long.... But sadly I can't...  

I can't decide whether I prefer fringes on suede or leather- tan suede is definitely more retro but I like the tough biker edge leather brings. 

What's your thoughts on fringing, love it or hate it?  Where do you stand in the leather vs suede debate? 

My fringed picks:

< Bag 

Shorts >

< Vest

Scarf >

< Top

Bag >

< Bag

Jacket >

< Jacket 

Boots >

< Cape

Kimono >

< Tee

Boots >