Since I've been doing a few round up posts with the end / new year I thought I would also look back at a few of the travel related posts from my little blog.   

I've been really lucky to travel a lot and I've started to feature travel a lot more here on Liquid Grain.  

Have you been to any of the places I'm featuring in this post?  What did you think? 

My Favourite Things To Do In Lake Windermere and The Lake District

The Lake District is a very special slice of the world here in Great Britain and I live just up the road from it.  Here's what I like to do when I go there *spoiler- I go on boats*. 

Brussels: What to see and do! 

This summer my brother and I went to Brussels for a long weekend.  This is a little guide of our favourite things we did there. 

The 6 Best Things To Do In Venice

Venice is a beautiful city and this is a little list of my favourite things we did there!  

A Students Guide To St Andrews, Scotland

St Andrews is my home away from home- I am a student in the Scottish coastal town and love it!  If you are ever in Scotland you should make sure to pop by- we're less than an hour away from Edinburgh. 

10 Awesome Things About Living In France

I'm living in France for a year and I am loving it, although writing this post has reminded me I must do a post about the more sucky aspects of living in France!  Would anyone read that?  I'll wait until I am in a France related huff and then get my writing on!