My Pick of Jack Wills Sale

As you guys know, here on the farm we like Jack Wills.  I'm not actually on a farm by the way, I'm in my city apartment!  

But Jack Wills is one of my favourite shops and I have done a few shopping posts like this before (like this). 

So I thought I would put together my picks from Jack Wills' sale!

What's your favourite from my picks and Jack Wills? 

Cottesmore Headband - £9 - here
One thing I am always saying is that every girl needs a faux fur head band- kinda, well I don't say it but I definitely think it. 

Ipsley Shoe - £26 - here
The perfect party shoe, with only a little heel so you can dance the night away! 

Tinsbury Lurex Crew - £44 - here 
I love JW's cable knit jumpers and white and navy are such classic colours!

Maskell Legging - £14 - here 
I have velvet leggings, I love velvet leggings.  Imma go ahead and buy another pair of velvet leggings as I love this black pair - my current pair are bottle green and amazing. 

Penrose Tote - £129 - here 

I love the shape and the colour of this bag! 

The Afton Earmuffs - £12 - here 
Please see my first point...

Please be aware that this post isn't sponsored by Jack Wills, I just like doing these posts and it kind of stops me from doing as much shopping by helping other people shop!  


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