10 Not So Awesome Things About Living In France

Remember when I wrote a post about some of my favourite things about living in France?  Well if not check out this post: 10 Awesome Things About Living In France

Now I thought I would write about some not so awesome things about living here- the French title of the post is Les petits désagréments de la vie en France.

Please don't take offence to anything I have written in this post, it's just a little fun and very tongue in cheek!  

1 - Customer Service (lack of) 

I know this is a stereotype but French customer service is awful!  Usually it doesn't exist and sometimes it's worse- it's bad!  I have heard many horror stories and experienced a few myself.  The best way to deal with it is just to laugh it off- getting frustrated just won't get you anywhere!  

2 - French Women Are Beautiful (and thin) 

They're so pretty and thin and stylish and I'm essentially a massive giant stomping around.  Seriously. 

3 - Dog Poo (everywhere)

It's so disgusting, no-one knows how to pick up after their dog and it's disgusting. 

4 - Bureaucracy (so much)

5 - Trying To Live As A Foreigner (boo)

Linked to number 4 here- part of the worst think about being a foreigner here is that it gives you way more bureaucratic hoops to jump through.  Ech, it's so much hard work..... 

6 - Not Speaking French (my fault) 

It's really tricky to get by without speaking French- not impossible and I am learning, so hopefully it's going to get better! 

7 - How Rain Breaks The World (seriously)

It sounds silly but when it rains here it sort of breaks the world... the buses are late, people crash their cars and everywhere is crowded! 

8 - Toilets (eew)

The French really need to up their toilet game.  You can be in a really nice bar or restaurant and when you pop to the toilets they are going to disappoint you!  In the UK the toilets are going to match the rest of the place, but here the toilets just don't match up!   

9 - Boys, Boys, Boys (and men)

Obviously this is a bit of a sweeping statement and not all men are like this- but as a general rule French boys and men are a little bit too forward for my liking.  A lot of men feel the need to make comments to / about women and to approach them.  It's not great and some times intimidating.

10 - Colour is Bad and Scary (black and more black)  

As I said above French women are mega stylish, and so are the men, part of their stylish-ness is they don't tend to wear a lot of colour.  They love their neutrals - especially black.  And although I love how stylish this looks I also love colours!  But since living here I've definitely toned down my crazy colour wearing a bit!

Do you live in France?  Do you have any pet peeves?


  1. Great post!! I really agree with you!! Specially number 3!


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