Looking Back At 2014's Popular Posts

I always find it interesting looking over the different stats relating to Liquid Grain- how many people decide to read my posts and when, where you all are and most interestingly what you like to read! 

As a little round up of 2014 I thought I would post a few of the most popular posts of this year.    

5 - Cutting My Hair Off, Why Everyone Should Try It

This time last year I went from mega long to pretty darn short (for me anyway) so I wrote a post on why everyone should try it!

4 - Barnes and Noble Leatherbound Classics Haul and Review

For Christmas two years ago I started what I declared my collection of nice books for when I have a library in my house with a beautiful copy of Alice's Adventures In Wonderland. 

A gorgeous book and I added to my collection this Christmas- review to come soon! 

3 - How To Make Blog Photos Bigger, The Same Width or A Custom Size on Blogger

This was my first ever How To type post and it's been so popular!  Changing the width of the photos on Blogger must be a real pain in the bum!

2 - Rainbow Catsuit

My most popular look of the year!  Galaxy prints and catsuits are always a winner apparently! 

1 - Silent Sunday

Oddly enough this Silent Sunday photo of some statues in the Art District in Beijin, China is my most popular post this year!  How weird is that?  It must have been shared somewhere! 

Hope you liked this little insight into the year of the blog!