How To: Study

It's that time of year again - exam time!  Yaaaay!  Or not so much, exams are stressy horrible times but we have got to do them. 

Since most people I know are getting ready for their end of semester / Christmas exams I thought I would put together my best tips for studying.  I've done three years worth of university exams and school one before that so I have a few under my belt.  

Start In Plenty of Time 
The second your last piece of coursework is handed in it is all hands on deck.  You need to get your study on, you need to make a plan and start.  The sooner the better, I mean it - can we start in September? 

Sit down and write out what you need to do. Then how you're going to do it.  I like to break everything down week by week and what I need to read for every week.  Then I read it. 

When I read I make notes and it is important to handwrite them since I always need to practise actual writing again in preparation for the exam! Then once I've finished reading or re-reading I have a set of hand written notes on each subject. 

Bite Size 
Like I said it's important to break things into sections you can manage.  That way you can process it properly. 

Get Dressed
Even if you are studying in the house make sure you get dressed when you get up.  This will put you into work mode and you'll be ready to go. 

It's important that you reward yourself, so that means taking time off for food - whether that's leaving the library or switching on a tv show on your laptop - and to chat to your friends.  I think the most important reward is also to chat to someone not at uni who is stressing like you, because when you chat to your uni friends you usually end up stressing each other out.  So call your Mum or a friend somewhere else and relax!

You want to feel like you have accomplished something at the end of every day.  So have realistic goals that you can achieve.  This should stop the drowning, drowning, drowning feeling that we all get.

I know there is no time to sleep, but you need to sleep.  Especially the night before your exam - I want you in bed by 1.30am at the latest!  Deal?


  1. It's good steps actually. But I don't think it'll work on me tho :(

  2. Such a good tips ! Pefect because when I was on finals I didn't know how to start :D

    1. Thanks! Oh I know, it can get super overwhelming!

  3. Love these tips! I'm in my last year at college and am planning to go to Uni so I need to get into a good routine of reading/taking notes!
    Leah xx

    1. Good luck! Once you've got a plan it's a bit less scary!

  4. Fab tips! I've just made a coursework schedule then turned it my laptop screensaver so whenever I turn the laptop on I know what work I need to do!


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