The One Thing To Do In Innsbruck, Austria

The Austrian town Innsbruck is well known for being a beautiful city in a very picturesque region and its famous for its winter sports (Innsbruck has hosted Winter Olympics multiple times) but there is more to it than that! 

I visited Innsbruck in summer for a sporting competition and I was really struck with how beautiful the city is- I will post up a photo diary soon since it really is that gorgeous.  

The favourite thing we did while we were there was to take in the panoramic views of the valley by getting a cable car, then climbing up to a beautiful view point on a mountain side. 

It's super easy to do since you get on a station in the middle of town, buy your tickets (which are really reasonable, you can check out the prices here) and hop on the cable car!  

This is where you have to decide how far up the mountain you want to go.  You can go up to Seegrube or even further up to Hafelekar.  However if you are going to go all the way up be prepared for a little walk up to the top.

The first stage of the most scenic cable car journey in the world takes you out of the city, and then you start to make the climb, over some gorgeous Alpen river planes. 

Once you reach your first major view point - Seegrube - you will be amazed at the view!  It's so nice to just walk around and take it all in, it was quite busy at this level and we had got the climbing bug and wanted to get as high as possible! 

So we skipped the restaurant and jumped on to the next cable car to get us higher up.  When we reached Hafelekar we were getting quite hungry so ate at the restaurant and looked out over the view while we ate.  This restaurant was more basic than the one below so a little cheaper, however it was still quite expensive.  This is unexpected because let's be honest, you're up a mountain you don't have that many options. 

After some lunch we headed up the last stretch on foot.  It took about 45 minutes to get to the top, and while we were there we took in the amazing view!  

My friend was a little bit extreme and did this handstand on the edge- but don't try this at home kids!

The weather was so nice and so it was a surprise to come across some snow (we even had a snowball fight) when we were just in t-shirts! 

Then we headed back down to Innsburck! 

Of course there are loads of hardcore walking and hiking routes along the mountain if you are a little more adventurous than us.  But we just stuck to the normal paths to get us up to the top.

The Alps are absolutely beautiful and the higher up you go the more amazing it gets.  It's such a stunning day trip and I would really recommend it if you are ever in Tyrol. 

Have you been to Innsbruck before?  Did you do the cable car?  If so, show me your pictures!  Feel free to tag me on Instagram @liquidgrain


  1. It looks gorgeous! It's on my bucket list!


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