My Marseille Look

Remember how I declared this look to be the final look of summer?  Well it looks like I lied... 

You see, a couple of weeks ago the boyfriend and I went to visit Marseille for the day.  It was a really nice day trip - I promise I'll do a proper blog post on it soon- and it was also a ridiculously sunny day.  It was actually so sunny that I ended up taking my leggings off before 11am! 

No complaints here!  But that does mean we have another, rather summery look on our hands.  I think we'll muddle through though, what do you think?

This is what I wore for our trip:

Black Milk Clothing Monet Lilies Leggings - here but discontinued 
My favourite white dress ever - you've seen it here before
I have my trusty 35mm film camera under my arm and ready to whip out at a moment's notice.  Do any of you shoot film?

You should check out these other gorgeous white summer dresses as well.  Everyone needs a white dress for summer!