Lyon's Red Carpet Event (Literally) Le Tapis Rogue

One of the great things about moving to a new city is discovering all the events and places which are unique to your new home.  

On the 6th of October, on the good advice of my co-workers I discovered Lyon's antique night - Le Tapis Rogue which was a really good night and I recommend it to everyone who is in Lyon early October times. 

Le Tapis Rogue is when a big red carpet is rolled out on Rue Auguste Comte- a very fancy street in the 2eme with some gorgeous antique shops and art galleries.  The evening starts at 6pm and all the shops open their doors late for you to wander around and enjoy. 

There was such a nice atmosphere around the whole evening- very friendly, lively and cultured!

A lot of shops and galleries were a lot more relaxed than your normal shopping experience.  With wine or champagne and some snacks and people hanging around and chatting while they looked around.  It was really nice and I enjoyed the evening so much! 

As well as the shops there was some food stalls and outdoor bars which gave the whole street a festival vibe.  

There was also a fashion show - which used the red carpet as a cat walk - where a local bridal boutique showcased their pieces.  But unfortunately I missed it, but apparently it really added to the night!

Best of all it's a free event with lots of things to enjoy!  I would really recommend checking it out if you are in Lyon in October.  

Apparently it's also a good night to get a bargain from the fancy shops, but unfortunately that's a bit out of my price range! 

The first Thursday in October
Rue Auguste Comte 
Nearest metro- Ampere Victor Hugo