How To Shoot Posts On Location

You might have seen on Twitter and Instagram that a wee while ago I guest posted over at Scotbloggers.  I wrote a post about my tips about how to shoot outfit posts on location.  You should check it out, but I also thought I would write up a little summary of it here!  Hope you find it useful! 

Finding The Perfect Location

  • Finding a location isn't as difficult as you might think - it can be anywhere and everywhere.

Look for well lit places with a relatively simple background- unless you want to do something interesting with a busy background but best to stick with the basics most of the time.

  • It needs to be well lit, but preferably not in direct sunlight. 
You don't want to be squinting in the sun or have pesky shadows on your face. That is unless you are going for an interesting sun flare look - like I did in this look. 

If you can, find somewhere with a lot of greenery which will reflect the light nicely about you! 

Once You Are There...
  • If you are by yourself set up your tripod, your white balance, all the usual stuff.
If you've roped someone else into taking your photo you just have to stand there while they do that!
  • When it comes to taking the photos themselves do your usual poses and make sure you take photos that cover all bases. 
You want head shots, upper body, three quarters (making sure you get your knees in if you want to post to Lookbook), full body and detail shots.
  • So this means taking LOADS of photos.
Take all the time you need to take loads of photos. Don't be nervous that you might be in a public place, just take photos.

  • If you have someone taking your photos that you trust I would say don't look at the photos. 
Your photos will be being shot in RAW, they're unedited and there will be a few duds in there so I don't like to look at them while we're shooting in case it knocks my confidence. 

But if you don't have this option don't worry but don't get hung up on what's on the screen, just check for technical aspects like exposure and focus. 
  • When you are shooting on location the most important thing is to have confidence and don't be shy. 
There might be people walking about but don't worry!

Be confident because you will look fabulous and if people are looking at you they will be thinking you look amazing and professional so don't be intimidated! 

When I did this look at an abandoned petrol station it was right next to a main road and cars were speeding past, even beeping their horns at us but I got over it, took it as a compliment and we got some photos I love!