Packing For University Checklist

With all the sunny weather - and the not so sunny weather - it is easy to get swept up in summer fever.  But for some of you out there moving away to university will be looming up in the very near future.  

That was me almost four years ago and I was trying to get organised to head up to St Andrews.  So I thought I would write up a little checklist with my essentials for moving up to university. 

Home Supplies

You might have some things supplied but it's always good to have your own basics, especially if you are sharing with people.  That way you are guaranteed to have something clean!

So you will want one- big plate, side plate, pasta bowl and soup bowl.  This zig zag set is pretty neat, but I love the fox print here

Chuck in a cutlery set as well!  Maybe this lego inspired set... 

Boxes for all your crap!  Quite literally here!

Your own oven tray - quite often the ones you get will be minging.  Seriously.  Bring one. 

Kitchen foil, cling film, sandwich bags and tupperware.  You don't need them, until you do.  Then when you do it's usually too late and your Mum won't be there to have them perpetually stocked.  I really like this set of boxes!  Or this Yay Lunchbox!

Tea towels!  And keep them in your own drawer, not hanging in a kitchen.  Otherwise everyone else will use them, and for yucky things like drying their hands as well.  These monopoly money ones might be the closest thing you'll have to decent money near the end of some months.

Toilet roll.  For realz- check out this Union Jack novelty roll.  And all your other cleaning and washing supplies! 

Uni Supplies

Uni supplies are expensive, I mean you obviously can buy them anywhere but try to get it before you go so you don't have another hit to the wallet! 

Folders, pens, folder separators.  I be cray, I need everything to be perfect and organised.  Jack Wills have some really cute stuff - pencil case here, pencils here.

Books!  So expensive!  Buy them before you go if you can / sweet talk the parentals.  Because they are expensive!  Although maybe don't buy the ones that are only "recommended", just the ones where you see you have essential readings from! 

As well as studying, uni means partying and a hip flask is always handy.  This one is screams party! 

Personal Supplies 

Shampoo and conditioner is also expensive.  I mean how do adults do this adult thing?  So I like to stock up on them in summers before I go when they are on offer.  Same with shower gels, moisturisers etc. 

All your beddings - a time to express yourself!  Feeling patriotic, I like this one.

A basic first aid kit - pain killers, anti inflammatories, savlon, disinfectant, plasters, tweezers.  I also like to stick in my Soothers and Olbas Oil for when I get hit by colds and sniffly- and paper tissues!  It's all about the balsm Kleenex. 

If you're a tea or coffee drinker you might want to buy a re-useable cup like this one.  Most places give a discount if you have one or if you want your own tea bags hot water is like 5p! 

It's important to remember all your people at home, so bring some photos, this board is a lovely way to display them.

A laundry bag - this is one thing I forgot.  I quickly realised that you need one if you're going to lug your dirty washing downstairs and out round to the laundry room you need a bag to put them in!  This is a traditional style one, or you could go for the funkier world map one here.

And useless things which you don't actually need but are super cute!

I mean who doesn't need:

Cute little trinket tray 

Stripy straws

Peanut butter maker

Plastic rabbit beaker - the ultimate party cup

A martini glass - oh darling!

Vintage style photo frame

Dachshund mug

Bling Sunglasses - no reasons needed.  Just look at them, how amazing!