Afternoon Tea on a Budget at Brodies in Moffat, South West Scotland

UPDATE JULY 2015: I can no longer endorse Brodies as a business for a number of reasons despite enjoying my afternoon tea.  Please note that I paid for the food featured in this post myself. 

You might have spotted on Instagram that last week I went for afternoon tea with my Mum, we are both BIG fans of afternoon tea so like to treat ourselves now and then. 
This time we headed to Brodies in Moffat (FacebookTwitterwebsite), as we had been there a few times before and know it's pretty good!  Brodies does afternoon tea on a budget really well, it's only £7 per person and you do get a good old cake stand full of goodies.  It really is great value for money! 

First up was the sandwiches, we had ham, egg and cheese and pickle.  The ham was a lovely piece of meat but unfortunately the cheese and pickle wasn't for me - very pickle-ey.  I was also pretty disappointed not to have a smoked salmon sandwich like there usually is, especially as when we booked on the phone we were asked about allergies and if smoked salmon was okay for us.  We said yes, yet it was nowhere to be seen and was replaced with quite an ordinary - cheese and pickle! 

Next up was the middle level, the transition between savoury and sweet.  We had a delicious scone with jam and cream - a lot of cream.  I was very clever and saved some of that cream for the meringue!  

Top level time- sweets!  Some tiffin which was great but super chocolatey so I was glad it was only a little one!  A slice of Victoria Sponge which was so good, probably my favourite out of the whole stand!  We finished off with a white chocolate mouse which wasn't really for me but like I said before I'm not the biggest fan of chocolatey stuff.  But it certainly was polished off quickly by my Mum!

Overall it was a really good afternoon tea and it is super good value, however I do think it sort of missed the high mark that it hit the previous times I had been there. 

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  1. ooo the food looks so delicious.. especially those brownies! I've never had an afternoon tea before but I'd really love to x

    1. It was really nice! You should definitely check some places out - so many places do afternoon tea these days from cheap ones like Brodies, all the way up to high end ones with champagne!


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