#ToastOfTheTown Glasgow

Last weekend, on a rainy Glasgow day, some Scottish bloggers came together to take part in the #ToastOfTheTown event held at Millennium Hotel Glasgow.  The event was designed to celebrate the host of the 2014 Commonwealth Games - Glasgow!  

Glasgow is such a fun and vibrant city- prime shopping area as well ;)  So it was a really fun day to showcase Glasgow, especially with all the Commonwealth Games fever in the air.  

This is my photo to sum up the Glasgow Commonwealth spirit - mixed up with some old buildings and a seagull! 

But this was more interactive than just a normal event; we took part in a really informative photography workshop, had a Scottish themed feast and then hit the streets of Glasgow to put what we learned into practice.  Unfortunately my camera was still being a little crazy so I didn't get the best photos and had to rely on my phone.  But good news- PC World are replacing it for me so I should get another one on Monday! 

We started off by getting to know each other and then got stuck into the workshop where we were given some photography rules to follow and talked through a couple of modes on your camera.  I thought I would put together a little guide for some basic blogging photography so hopefully you will find it useful down at the bottom.  

For lunch we had some delicious Scottish goodies to nibble on.  Haggis bon bons, venison hotdogs and some veggie parcels.  Then a lovely desert with cranachan and shortbread.  So good!  The Millennium Hotel put on a really good spread, full of Scottish spirit!  

 In the afternoon we hit the streets to try and take some interesting photos!  It was really rainy but there was so much interesting architecture and statues in Glasgow so there was lots to snap!  We also had the mission of trying to get some street photography as well, so this is my attempt to be arty with some flowers as well.  

And this one is just someone enjoying George Square.

Does The Doctor recommend voting Yes in the referendum?

Top Tips 

- Aperture mode
For taking pictures of lipsticks, food, anything close up where you want part of the shot in focus and the rest of it nice and blurry pick the A mode on your camera.  I use this mode the most for my blog! 

- 1/2 - turn 
This was a tip from the guys, who said if you want your focus on an area which is not in the middle of the shot you should half press the shutter button with the chosen object in the middle, then while holding it down move your camera so it changes position.  Easier than faffing about with trying to move the focus area around! 

We had to use our thumbs to practice this- 

- Flash 
Don't use it, everrrr! 

- Rule of 1/3s 
If you split your screen into imaginary thirds you shouldn't position the object of your photo in the middle third.  It is far more appealing to be in either the top or the bottom third or left or right one! 

Centre - not so good 

Out on the side, much better! 

It was a really fun day out in Glasgow and it was so good to meet some fellow Scottish bloggers, I would love to meet everyone again.  Everyone was so friendly, which was great since it was my first ever blogging event!  Thanks to Millennium Hotel Glasgow for having us and toasting the town of Glasgow with us, although my photos don't do it justice at all! 

If you want to read Millennium Hotel's post on the event you should check it out here.