Prudence & The Crow Interview

Do you know all of these mail order boxes you can get?  You know beauty, soap, stationery the whole lot.  But now I think Prudence & The Crow have stumbled on possibly the best type of box out there- books!  

I love books, believe me if you give me a book I will disappear inside it for days. I'm currently reading The Secret Garden, what are you reading?  

Prudence & The Crow are the perfect monthly subscription box for books with a lovely vintage twist since all the books are classic finds and boxed together with some vintage goodies.  You should check out their website here and subscriptions start from £10 a month.  So I caught up with Prudence and we had a quick interview. 

Q: What was the idea behind Prudence & The Crow? 

I love surprises, bundles, vintage paper backs and subscription boxes... I was looking around for something that combined these things, and couldn't find any, so Crow and I realised we had to do it ourselves!  

Q: Is it just for girls?

Absolutely not!  We've several male subscribers, which, given that out only advertising space is with the International Geek Girls PenPal Club is a joy to us. 

Q: What's inside a typical P&C box?

Exact contents vary depending on the country the box is going to, the number of boxes our subscriber has received thus far, and what's taking our fancy that month.  Staples include a handmade book bag we make to fit every paperback, so it can be carried with ease, a library card with space for notes and of course the specially chosen paperback itself!

Q: What's your favourite book?

My favourite book is Ludo and the Star Horse, by Mary Stewart

Q: What does a typical day look like for you guys? 

It begins with the most extensive possible breakfast: fruit, croissant, coffee and on a really good day, scrambled eggs.  Then two episodes of a sitcom, tea and talking before a walk in the park, a walk around some bookshops, then home again. 

Then it's time for an admin session in which we welcome new subscribers, maintain our records of what's going where and reply to any queries.  A decent lunch, then more talking, research and sourcing. 

Q: Tea or Coffee? 

Both!  We have a vast library of tea at home, and are fervent drinkers of everthing from Earl Grey to Three Cinnamon and beyond. 

Q: What are you reading right now?

SO MANY THINGS!  I'm always in the middle of re-reading favourites, and I have a huge stack of books in virtually every room that I'll pick up, depending on the weather.  We're both close to the end of A Dance With Dragons - we've been reading the series in sort of tandem for what feels like forever, but the end is at last in sight!  

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