The Best Fish & Chips In Town - Actually The Country

I have mentioned Anstruther Fish & Chips before on this blog- it was rather windy, you can see it here if you wish.  

Well you see Anstruther Fish & Chips are good, I mean they have a reputation for being really good.  They have actually been voted the best fish and chip shop in the country!  Every time M is over visiting me in St Andrews we jump in the car over to Anstruther and grab a fish supper.  This time I decided to bring the wee camera and try and show you its amazingness- although be warned it's not the most glamorous!  

Anstruther is a tiny town on the East Coast of Scotland, and has a main street of shops - including the chippy on the harbour line.  

So when we jumped out the car we had a wander on the harbour and shot a look - which I still have to collect and upload so keep your eyes peeled.  

Then on to the main event, the shop is split into two - you can queue for a take away or sit down. I imagine it would be quite good to sit in the old style seating areas but it is also significantly more expensive so it was the car for us!  

Already at 6 o'clock the queue for the takeaway betrays the reputation of the restaurant, but we could stand and admire the winning trophy!  They also have a sign telling you what boat the fish came off this morning!

 But it wasn't that long until we had our bag of food and we headed back to the car!  

We got some calamari rings to start - which are the perfect mix of crunchy and chewy.  

Then I had a fish supper and the man went for a sausage supper.  

To sum it up, if you are ever on the East Coast of Scotland you should swing by Anstruther, have a wander round and get some chips!