Lush Hero Products

A bit of a different post today, I'm treading a bit on the toes of all you beauty bloggers.  But anyway everyone knows Lush is amazing, and since it's on every high street out there it's a good place to get awesome products for everyone.  

My two picks are: Ultrabland and Breath of Fresh Air

First up is Ultrabland: 

To be honest I have never not seen this on a Lush / face care / favourite list ever.  And there's a reason for that, it's amazing.  You can do whatever you want with this cleanser and it will do it!  So I'll just tell you how I use it.  I use it at night, even when I don't have any make up on and I use my fingers to massage it on to my face.  It takes off my waterproof make up really well.  You can use water to take it off, or a toner like I do - Breath of Fresh Air.  I know most people use it at night because it can sometimes leave a greasy finish on the skin which doesn't matter a night but obviously in the morning it's more of a big deal. 

Now we have Breath of Fresh Air: 

Which is actually my favourite thing ever.  I have really sensitive skin so I struggle with finding a toner which isn't too harsh but still freshens my face up.  And this really does it, I sometimes just use it during the day if I've been in the library and feeling a bit bleh.  It is just so refreshing and nice to use, and it takes off Ultrabland nice and fully.  

So give me some feedback on my first beauty post?  Okay?  Shall I do it again?