What I Wore - The Ambassador's Ball, St Andrews

A couple of weeks ago was the Ambassador's Ball in St Andrews.  And this marked the beginning of Ball Season up here on the sunny east coast of Scotland.  Believe me.  Up here in St Andrews we know how to ball and we have a lot of them.  

For example of the top of my head we have: 

  • Opening Ball 
  • Ambassadors Ball 
  • Bongo Ball 
  • Welly Ball
  • Sitara 
  • 600 Ball 
  • Mermaids Christmas Ball
  • May Ball
  • Sports Ball 
  • Grad Ball 
And on top of these all the sports specific / society specific and subject specific ones! 

So there is a lot going on for the ball goers of St Andrews. 

But this was my first year at Ambassador's Ball, ran by the International Relations Department and the Foreign Affairs Society.  So it was always going to be a classy event - and it really was! 

There was a couple of bands playing, an acapella group and some poker tables scattered around which was fun.  Me and the boyfriend were awful at poker but had great fun trying to learn.  

I decided to go for a kind of a 1920s look.  Channelling my inner Party at Gatsby's look.

What I wore: 
- Warehouse 1920s style dress 
- Faux fur coat 
- Long strand of pearls

Pictures are in black and white because I'm fancy like that