Winter Black Milk - Metallic Skirt

The most recognisable thing about Black Milk Clothing is their amazing and outrageous prints.  
Of course everyone recognises their iconic galaxy print.  
Buy green galaxy leggings here

But these days they are exploring the more designer side of the business.  We first saw this seriously being attempted with the shoot off label Sophia James but unfortunately didn't work out.  Instead Black Milk are now sporadically introducing some amazing designer pieces into their normal releases.  

Some of the designer highlights from their just passed Halloween release have got to be: 

Which I absolutely love! 
I Eat Mice Bodysuit here
The Shredder Dress here

But the problem about designer pieces is they are little bit harder to style.  But one of the easier designer pieces to style I have is the Metallic Silver Velvet Skirt.  
It's so easy to style for nights out but it's harder to style for day time wear.  So here is my winter day time styling.  

I have on: 

Black Milk Metallic Silver Velvet Skirt 
Jack Wills Lambswool Sweater (Similar here)
Purple Tights 
New Look cut out boots- here for £24.99 
YSL bag

Now for the details: