[Giveaway] Long Line Wanderings

Still a horrible day here with us, hope it's a bit nicer wherever you are. 

As we are moving towards winter I still want to wear my maxi dresses- something I just decided this summer actually suited me.  Since I am so tall I always thought that it would be too difficult to find maxi dresses to f…

Splashing in the Surf

Another outfit post today!  Hope you aren't getting sick fed up of them yet.  

Today's look is what I wore when me and BF went for a little walk today.  
It's getting chilly again, which is horrible.  

I love autumn but hate winter, I live on the east coast of Scotland at uni and believe m…

Black Milk Hackey Sack Leggings

Just a quick outfit post from me today! 

Here is what I wore today: 
Black Milk Hackey Sack Leggings - which are really amazing and you just don't see enough pictures of these bad boys! 
Thieves of Thunder Apparel Sweatshirt - great quality jumper but I would recommend sizing up at least once!  Es…

Winter Black Milk - Metallic Skirt

The most recognisable thing about Black Milk Clothing is their amazing and outrageous prints.  
Of course everyone recognises their iconic galaxy print.  
Buy green galaxy leggings here

But these days they are exploring the more designer side of the business.  We first saw this seriously being attempt…

Galaxy Catsuit Fun Times

I shot so may looks today so expect lots and lots of high quality shoots coming up soon!  
I'm so happy because my blog just topped 10,000 views.  So I would like to say thank you to everyone who actually bothers to read my blog, thank you so much.  

Now before I show you all the pictures from to…

New Look's New Stuff

So I was walking to university this morning and something caught my eye.  I swung around and stopped to look in the window of New Look.  They have some awesome new stuff in right now!  
There's some great transitional pieces and awesome shoes and boots.  And I wanted to show you guys some of my …

Oh My Love Haul

Another haul post!  I was a little bad and did some shopping!  

This time this is from Oh My Love, a relatively new-ish brand to me.  And this is my first purchase from them.  I've got to say I'm pretty darn excited about them!  

Firstly because they have awesome sales on, apparently pretty m…

Urban Outfitters Haul