Black Milk Update

One of my favourite brands - Black Milk Clothing - have been doing a lot of very exciting things right now.  So I thought it deserved a wee post where I can talk about it and share my favourite pieces.  

BMC licensed deals began with the much anticipated two Star Wars collections, which was swiftly followed by Lord of The Rings.  However I've never been a fan of either of these things so didn't get too excited about the deal.  Now when Black Milk announced on their Facebook a deal with Warner Brothers for Harry Potter this was a different story completely!  Now I got the hype!  
Now I was in the hype! 

Sneaks began to be peaked on all social media platforms and the release was shaping up to be the biggest ever by BMC!  Which is most definitely was. 

However when it got to release day I was actually a little underwhelmed- yes there are great pieces but I was kind of disappointed with the house pieces, they're just not special enough to really grab me.  But saying that I will inevitably end up buying something- I can tell!  

My disappointments- Hufflepuff Shooter and Ravenclaw Legs

Now on to my high points of the HP collection.  My favourite has got to be the Weasley Weather Bottle Girlfriend Tee, closely followed by the High Waisted Matt Finish Daily Prophet Leggings.  These are both very Harry Potter but don't scream WALKING BILLBOARD which I like.  Of the more overt pieces the highlights for me is the All Houses Swim, which I like. 

Those are just a few of my thoughts from the Harry Potter collection, I don't mean to offend anyone because it would be boring if everyone liked the same stuff!  

Now on to the future- the Halloween release is quickly coming upon us.  It's set to be released on 1st of October and it's looking like a big one.  There's guts and gore, hunted houses and bones!  The list (although not finalised) has been released and looks amazing!  

The List (from Facebook): 

Jason Lives Leggings (48HR)
The Worm GFT (48HR)
Corpse Bride Leggings
Corpse Bride Dress
Slasher Black GFT

Dead Cat Leggings
Mechanical Mermaid White Leggings
Dem Guts Swimsuit
Zombie Nation HWMF Leggings
Zombie Nation Swimsuit
Zombie Nation Skater Dress
Panther Maxi Dress (48HR)
The Fate Of My Enemies Leggings (48HR)
Bee Skater Dress
Jack O Lantern Skater Dress
Blood Splatter Catsuit
Blood Splatter Skater Dress

Velvet Black Bummers
Velvet Black Skater Skirt
Velvet Black Skater Dress
Velvet Black Evil Cheerleader 2.0
Sheer Straps 2.0 Leggings
The Holey Shrug
The Awesome Pocket Skater Skirt
The Shredder Dress
The Wednesday Dress
The Evil Hippie Dress
The Morticia Dress
The Priestess
The Shrug
Burned Velvet Sheer Spartans
I Eat Mice Zip Suit – LIMITED
Skull Net Leggings – LIMITED
The Shredder Crop – LIMITED
Double Dare Ya Leggings – LIMITED
Velvet Deep Blue Bummers – LIMITED
Velvet Mulled Wine Bummer – LIMITED
Velvet Deep Blue Skater Skirt – LIMITED
Velvet Mulled Wine Skater Skirt – LIMITED
Velvet Deep Blue Skater Dress – LIMITED
Velvet Mulled Wine Skater Dress – LIMITED
Velvet Deep Blue Evil Cheerleader 2.0 – LIMITED
Velvet Mulled Wine Evil Cheerleader 2.0 - LIMITED
Kaboom Suspender Catsuit – LIMITED

I'm most excited about the Bees Skater Dress. I've been waiting for ages for it and it looks like we're finally going to get it!  

Now let me find some more sneaks to try and show you!   

NB these photos do not belong to me, I have taken them either from the Black Milk Facebook or website.  I mean no malice by using them!