Black Milk Haul - Mixing With The Fishes Swim and A Tribe Called White Skater Dress

My package from Australia arrived!  And inside it there are some very pretty bits and bobs from Black Milk Clothing. 

As always you should check out their website here

Today I have just taken some quick selfies but hopefully will shoot everything soon.  Boyfriend is here now so yay for high quality pictures again!  

My birthday present from Matty arrived, you can see my whole Birthday haul here.  This is the gorgeous Mixing With The Fishes Swimsuit, it was part of the 500k Noms release a wee while ago.  There was five or six special designs released on pre-order for a few days and I picked up this gorgeous swim! 

I also got the A Tribe Called White Reversible Skater Dress- which by the way has the longest Black Milk hashtag on IG everrr!  I was typing it out for ages.  

The skater dress was actually really cheap and is amazing!  Ridiculously flattering!  It is honestly so so flattering and gorgeous.  Although if I could change it I would make it slightly longer and I would hem the bottom.  Because I think it would make it seem a bit better quality.  It is so nice though and I will fully support skater dress all the things! 

I will hopefully get these shot properly soon!