World University Games so far!

I've been at the World University Games in Kazan, Russia for a few days right now so I thought I would do an update and show you guys a little part of my life which most of you won't have ever seen! 

So I am a rifle shooter and I am currently here as part of the Great Britain team.  

Here we are! 

This was me very early in the morning waking up in a Heathrow hotel to go to Russia!  

Once we arrived in the village this was one of the athlete lounges. 

On the way to the Opening Ceremony- so we had some temporary tattoos! 

Then a very very long wait to get into the stadium for the ceremony.  We were waaaay to far down the alphabet though! 

And some fireworks while we were still waiting. 

Once we were in there was so many amazing shows and we could join in with different lights at different times. 

Putin was even here to open everything up!  For the International Relations student in me this was a big deal! 

Then today we went to the shotgun range to watch our team mates do some training.  It was really good fun since we don't get to see shotgun very often. 

More shells! 

And this is the range and Henry getting ready to shoot.  Right after they did the first round the heavens opened and it was really really rainy.