Art Supplies Haul

Back when I was in Northern Ireland I bought some pretty cool stuff.  The clothes you can see here.  I'm talking robot cardigans and printed tees. 
But while I was there I also picked up some art supplies. 

When I was younger I liked to try to draw, I would sketch out our horses and try to design outfits.  Myself, my brother and two of our cousins even had a designing "company" which we made catalogues for.  Unfortunately it was innocently misnamed KACK (our initials- Kathryn, Andrew, Calum and Kirsty).  Our parents didn't tell us this... 

But when I was older I stopped drawing and decided to write and recently I have got into my photography pretty heavily. 

But buying these new supplies has really re-sparked my interest in drawing!  

I got this awesome sketchbook from Urban Outfitters.  It was only £10 instore and I can't find it online :( 
This notebook is full of figures for you to draw your outfit designs on.  

There is so many pages of different poses and angles so you can get really creative. 

Even better when you scan or photocopy your design their template goes away!  Making it look even more creative. 

I tried taking a picture of a plain page but the templates are so light it didn't come up.  These are a couple of designs I've done so far, hopefully you can see I'm getting used to it more and kind of better at it! 

My Mum even had a go- this is her design: 

While I was in Belfast I also bought some fancy pens. 

I love stationery, stationery gets me excited!  
Pens! Notepads, everything!  Just a good day out if you ask me.  

So I got three Promarkers, which are amazing. 
They are such good quality with a fine and a broad tip.  And the ink is amazing it doesn't clot the page or make it fluffy like some pens. 

I got orchid, poppy and cool grey 3. 

I also got a super fine black pen. This is from Faber-Castle and is size XS.

Can't wait to get drawing - think it's going to keep me amused on my long flights to Russia and China soon! 

Would you be interested in seeing some of my designs every now and then?  


Also - don't forget to keep entering my giveaway.  There's not been many entries so far so plenty of chances to win!  You can see it here.