The Biggest Hair In The World

I know, when I said it was big I meant super big. 

This is just what I call "big hair"  not to be mistaken with "lion hair" which does come out occasionally.  

Last night I went out for the first time in ages and had loads of fun.  I had so many deadlines and work to be done it was nice to go and have fun. 

Because I had been competing all day my hair was pretty minging but because I'm lazy and wanted a nap rather than a shower I decided to do the old distraction technique. 

This is a great technique; by making your hair really big noone will actually know that it's horrible when you touch it. 

Tonight's method was velcro rollers.  I really recommend velcro rollers to get volume because they're easy and quite good for your hair since there's not that much heat involved.  But for actual curls they're not so good, although that could just be for me since I have such long and thick hair...  

The great thing about rollers is once you put them in you can buzz about with them in and still get stuff done.  Hence why I picked them: I went back to sleep, made tea and did some ironing with them in.  

I will do a rollers tutorial soon!  

Right I am sleepy and hungry so I'm off, bye! xx